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Fiona Compton is a pen name for my fiction writing. I have published 5 fiction books on All these books - paperbacks and e-books - may be seen at: FIONA'S STORE - FICTION WITH A MUSICAL THEME

I Can't Forget You was my first novel, originally published in 2010.

Pearl Harris wrote the following review:

Aug 21, 2010
Once I started reading Fiona Compton's romantic novel, I could not put it down. I soon became involved in the emotions and events of the main characters' lives. Derek Bailey attracts females and trouble wherever he goes, due to his charisma and talent. How the women in his life deal with subsequent events must touch a chord in the heart of every female reader who has ever fallen prey to the charms of a philanderer. The writing style is flowing and the dialogue authentic. Place descriptions set the scene firmly in 20th-century Britain. I particularly enjoyed the Scottish dialect (the author having been born in Scotland, this too is genuine!)and the descriptions of daily life in London. This is no run-of-the-mill romantic novel. Due to the author's musical knowledge, "I can't forget you" has a depth and authenticity lacking in most novels of this genre. You will not want to put this book down before discovering what the final outcome of the hero's romantic entanglements is to be. 

At the same time, I published a collection of short stories - The Song is Ended and Other Stories

Here are two of the reviews:

By mjpotenza
Any fan of short stories will enjoy this selection of entertaining tales by Fiona Compton. The author presents women's viewpoints, emotions, and experiences accurately and uniquely. The women characters are interesting, complex, and sympathetic (the men are mostly cads). One wonders how much is autobiographical. The writing is descriptive and precise. The style flows nicely, making for easy and pleasant reading. The Wedding Singer, Miss Stratton Disappears, and The Sunset Gleams, to name a few, all have the right combination of humour and sadness. In short, these well written stories are very enjoyable.

By Pearl Harris
Each short story in this collection is refreshingly different and will touch a chord in the heart of most female readers. All the characters are masterfully and realistically portrayed. Many of the incidents depicted are those which affect all women at various times in their lives and with which the reader can readily empathise. Some bring a chuckle and a feeling of optimism, others a feeling of sadness. All left a lasting impression on me. Fiona Compton’s voice is a charming mix, evidence of her Scottish, South African and musical roots. These stories particularly appeal to me as an expatriate South African, as many of them richly evoke the South African lifestyle. However, all are timeless in their own right and certainly worth reading by both women and men, whatever their nationality.

I have published two novels in the Malcolm Craig series.The first novel in the series is called Just the Echo of a Sigh
It was published at the end of 2013.
The second novel in this series about Malcolm Craig is called Faint Harmony

I published my third book in the Malcolm Craig series towards the end of August. It is called Love Set to Music 

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Fiona Compton - April 2015

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